Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing – 5 Dangers of a High Water Table


There’s a lot to like about living in Milwaukee:  Summerfest.  The Harley-Davidson Museum.  Even the Brewers have come around in the past few years.  Add all that and more to those beautiful lakefront views and what’s not to like?

Well, about that lake.  With all it offers, including recreation and excellent drinking water, life on Lake Michigan has one drawback and it may cause you to have water in your basement.

High Water Table Caused by Lake Michigan Creates 5 Problems in Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing

No matter how dry it may be on the surface, the earth under our feet always contains water, somewhere.  In some places, it’s buried deep; in others, it’s much closer to the surface.  The level of that water in the ground is called the “water table” and it can have a significant effect on keeping your basement dry.

One of the factors that affect the height of the water table is proximity to a body of water and it’s hard to get closer to a larger body of water than living in Milwaukee, a city perched on the edge of the world’s fifth largest fresh water lake.  With the high water table created by the lake, ground water rises from an already high point every time it rains or there’s a significant snowmelt.

Water in the ground is always exerting some pressure on your foundation and, when the water table rises, this pressure increases.  It may be lateral pressure on the walls causing by expanding soil or hydrostatic pressure under the floor.  This can result in basement seepage in five ways:

  1. Basement floor cracks can leak from hydrostatic pressure.
  2. The same pressure can also cause seepage through the cove joint.
  3. Lateral pressure can cause water to seep in through deteriorating mortar joints in a masonry wall.
  4. The blocks themselves are porous in a concrete block wall common to Milwaukee foundations.
  5. Cracks in poured concrete foundations can begin to seep when soil is over-saturated.

So, what do you do?  Regrettably, there’s nothing you can do about the water table.  That’s Mother Nature’s doing and you may remember those TV ads that warned about messing with her.

What you can do is to take reasonable precautions to prepare your basement to repel the ravages of the water table:

The experts at U.S. Waterproofing have been keeping basements dry on the shores of Lake Michigan for 55 years and can claim more than 300,000 satisfied customers as proof.  We have been helping homeowners just like you in southeastern Wisconsin for more than 30 of those years so doesn’t it make sense to ask us when you need some free advice on keeping your Milwaukee basement dry?

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