Humidity Control

indoor humidity control equipment

High indoor humidity can lead to a lot of problems.  Anything from taking a shower to cooking to washing (and even breathing!) can increase moisture and ultimately lead to an unhealthy home.  Moisture tends to gravitate downward into your basement where it is trapped without anywhere to go, especially in well-insulated homes.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends indoor relative humidity levels be maintained at 30-50% in order to prevent mold growth and musty odors. 

A conventional dehumidifier is costly to operate as it consumes a lot of energy.  It’s also unable to dehumidify large areas such as your basement or crawl space.  As an authorized installer of the Santa Fe Air System, we can dry up your basement / crawl space for a fraction of the cost of running a conventional dehumidifier and provide you with a much healthier home.  Each system comes with a condensate line which can be emptied into your sump pump or floor drain.  No more dumping heavy buckets of water.

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